Beware False $PROFITS$– GENESIS 6 Deception AND MORE!

It is a sad day that I feel compelled to speak out against the false teachers and false Prophets in the body of Christ, but it must be done. For much too long these people have gotten away with promoting their false “myths and fables” on the unwitting people of YHWH. Now that we as a nation and a people are facing the coming judgement for our misdeeds and denial of the TRUE AND LIVING G-D; someone must speak out.

Unfortunately; these are the False Prophets That must be denounced:

Jan Markell- Olive Tree Ministries : She has repeatedly broadcast on her radio program unfounded tirades against Bethel Church Pastor Bill Johnson and healing his ministry. Jan Markel has also attacked and slandered the work of Godly missionary  Heidi Baker; who along with her husband risks her life daily to feed and support thousands of orphans in Mozambique. Somehow Ms. Markel cannot resist blaspheming the work that these brave people do in order to promote her own show on the radio. There are numerous other ministers Ms Markell has slandered whom I will not mention. It is obvious that her radio program titled  “Understanding The Times ” has been grossly misused. Don’t listen to her.

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