Biography Introduction

Darrell Theodore White – Biography
My parents met in Greece right after the conclusion of World War II. Being discharged from
the armed Forces air transport command while still in Europe, my father Darrell and his brother
George had purchased a military surplus C-46 Aircraft and proceeded to Greece to start an
airline there. Upon arriving in Athens Darrell quickly found out that no one there could
understand his thick Oklahoma accent. A call was put out for someone who could translate his
mid western version of English into Greek. It just so happened that my mother Despo, who was
then in her early 20’s, had Learned English during the war from an American lady from Alabama
who had been stranded in Athens and traded English lessons for food. Destiny prevailed as my
mother was employed as the translator for my father and the both of them quickly fell in Love.
The fledgling Airline was contracted to fly displaced Greeks to Australia for the purposes of
populating the City of Melbourne. My father would be the Captain and selected the flight crew
and of course when the flight attendants where chosen my mother Despo was among the first
to go with him. After the Long arduous Journey across Europe India Asia and Australia and the
return through Hong Kong my parents were married in Athens by her uncle who was the chief
of police. You may call this a shotgun wedding but a wedding nevertheless. There would be
more trips to Australia but eventually a corrupt Greek Government official attempted to
confiscate their Aircraft and forced the tiny band of airman and my mother to flee the Country
and establish new offices in Rome Italy. My father never returned to Greece.
Returning to America at the end of 1949 my parents set up House in New Jersey where my
sister was born. The Korean conflict had created a demand for troop transport Aircraft and my
father, Darrell, obtained contracts with the military to fly soldiers across America to the West
Coast. Business was good but after one Full year of nonstop flying Darrell became weary of
constant life on the road and Longed for a chance to be home with his new Family.
My Part of the story:
Texas was booming and when opportunity arose for Darrell to start his own aircraft
maintenance business he jumped at the chance and loading up his pregnant wife, daughter
and all their belongings in his station-wagon they headed “West” to San Antonio. Thus on a
night in January 1952, I came into this world at the Baptist Hospital, just a few blocks from the
Alamo. This would be our home for the rest of the decade and our family prospered to the
point that Darrell was able to purchase a small ranch just outside of town in a place called
“Pipe Creek”. It was there on our 800 acre spread filled with ponies, horses, goats and
assorted dogs and cats that I got my taste of the “Cowboy Life” in the American West.
People were different then; you did not have to lock your house and children were free to
roam in safety. My days consisted of riding my pony and exploring our ranch, not far from the
watchful eye of my mother and our ranch foreman and his wife. Life was good and carefree,
and my experiences of that time helped forge my character as a young man. Everyone we knew
seemed to be friendly a “straight shooter” and that’s how I wanted to be.
Things changed rapidly as 1960 approached and Darrell announced we were moving to
Georgia to join his brother George and his mother in a town called Macon. My life was about to
change as we packed up our car and headed “Down South” to Dixie.

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