Dear Reader: Have you noticed that Biden’s diminished mental state is “off limits” to his opponents in the rigged Democratic Primary?. It is abundantly clear that this man belongs in an “ASSISTED LIVING ” facility and not the White House. After almost spitting out his dentures at the last debate there is new concern that Joe is losing body parts and voters faster than Trump can tweet insults (and that’s pretty fast).

One has to ask,”WHY DO THE DEMOCRATS PERSIST IN PROPPING UP THIS BUFFOON” IF NOT MERELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES? THE ANSWER MAY LAY RIGHT UNDER OUR COLLECTIVE NOSES– MICHELLE OBAMA. “Good OL’E UNCLE JOE” will once again prove himself to be a “USFULL IDIOT”  to the Obamas if he can get the Democratic nomination, and the select MICHELLE as his pick for V.P. They just might pull it off and then Biden can have a convenient “Health Crises” and M.O. would ascend to be the first WOMAN PRESIDENT! Don’t laugh; They just might do it!

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