Build The Barns For The Harvest– Get Ready For The Last Days Ingathering

Now that I have firmly established my belief in the Rapture of the Church, I found that the Lord has one thing more on his agenda that must occur first; We must gather in all the souls we can before the judgement begins! Just as Noah had the assignment to gather in two of ever kind of animal before the flood could judge the earth; so we must also do the same in bringing in as many souls to the Kingdom of God as we can.
Instead of spending our time being frightened of ISIS and world events we must instead focus on “KINGDOM EVENTS”.I believe that the Lord spoke to me and said that ISIS is “just a name and a media creation to scare the public”.We are not called unto fear but unto faith in the one true God-Jehovah. The BLOOD MOON passing last night over our heads is a clear sign to all of man-kind that things are about to change.It is time to “Get Right or Get Left” as we say here in the South.
We must be “Revival Minded” and “Kingdom Minded” if we are to fulfill our role on earth as the Church.Then our Lord Jesus will come for us to take us home.The late Prophet Bob Jones spoke these words just before his passing this year and they have been recorded and put on CD with music backing by my good friend Leonard Jones. You can find them under THE APPLE TREE PROPHECIES on Leonard Jones. Org

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