The day before Christmas I was passing by the office of a friend who happens to be of Greek descent. Not wanting to miss a chance to say “hello”, I rang the bell and was quickly greeted at the front door and invited inside for a chat. Jimmy “K” is one of the co-owners of the premier hot dog restaurant in my hometown, and our families have been friends for over 50 years.
After exchanging greetings somehow our conversation was centered around people who had overcome difficult beginnings in life and Jimmy told me that he had once worked for Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s Hamburger chain. I thought immediately that it must have been the food business but I was wrong, it was a golf course! Dave Thomas had traded his yacht for a golf course in Virginia and Jimmy was helping him renovate it.
During on of their early meetings Dave pulled Jimmy aside for a private talk.”You are Greek?” Dave asked Jimmy who replied in the affirmative. “Let me tell you my story which involves some Greek people”, said Dave. “I was born an orphan, not knowing who my parents were, and was living in an orphanage at age 11 when a Greek family adopted me. They took me into their home and gave me a job in their restaurant, and thanks to them I learned the two most important things in life; The love of family, and the value of hard work.” “Because of these wonderful people, I am what I am today!” Jimmy stood in stunned silence as Dave Thomas continued;”Even though this family did all they could to make me feel at home, I still have a deep longing to know who my father and birth mother was. To this day I have spent over five million dollars to find my birth mother, without success.”
I sat in stunned silence listening to the personal pain and suffering of one of America’s greatest “Success” stories.Suddenly a realization came over me; Everyone wants to know where they came from, and who they are. Everyone is looking for a place to belong, a place of unconditional love, a place with the love of a father and a mother; a place called “Home.”
Trying to regain my composure, I asked Jimmy one more thing;”What was Dave Thomas’ secret of success?”.—“The Love of family and the value of hard work!” Jimmy Replied with a wide smile.
As I stepped out into the street a warm feeling came over me as I started to think about what I had just heard. Here it was on Christmas Eve, a great gift was opened to me. The creator of the universe sent down His only son Jesus, to tell us we are loved, and that if we choose to believe it, we have a Father and a home in Heaven; a Father waiting for us to come home. Won’t you call home this Christmas? Your Heavenly Father is waiting to hear from you!
Merry Christmas Everyone; and a Happy New Year!

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