Greek Eurozone Crises- Forgiveness Opportunity To Good To Miss

German – Style Forgiveness?

Matthew 18:21
Then Peter came unto Him and asked,”How often must my brother wrong me, and I forgive him? For seven times? ”I told you not seven times nearly,” Jesus answered him; “But on the contrary, until 70×7!”Jesus said; “Because of this, the kingdom of heaven maybe compared to a particular king, who decided to settle accounts with his officials. And has beginning to balance one was brought to him who was indebted to the extent of 10,000 talents. And as he possessed nothing with which to refund it, his master ordered him to be sold, along with his wife and children, and everything he had, so that a liquidation might be effected. The official therefore falling down, implored him, saying, master, be patient with me, and I will repay you all. The master of that official then took pity upon him, released him, and overlooked the debt. That selfsame official, however, on going out, met one of his fellow officials, who owed him 5 pounds, and he seized him by the throat, exclaiming, pay me all you owe! Therefore his companion, falling at his feet, and implored him, saying, “wait a little while, and I will repay you”. He would not, however; but sent the debtor to prison, until he should really pay the amount due. Then his fellow officials, seeing what had taken place, were greatly grieved; and going to their master, they related the whole of the particulars. Their master, calling him forward, said to him, “you’ll contemptible scoundrel! I remitted to you the whole of that debt, when you asked me; would it not have been little enough for you to have pitted your fellow official?” His infuriated master accordingly handed him over to the tormentors,until he should refund the whole of his debt.In like manner, my Father, the Heavenly One, will do unto you, if you do not every one from your hearts pardon your brothers.” Matt 18:35

After World War I Germany was a defeated nation. The country was saddled with a huge war debt. Such a heavy debt was imposed on the German people that there was no way out other than starting another war.Thus, World War II came about because of the heavy debt on the nation of Germany. At the conclusion of the war, Germany again what’s defeated , and under another heavy debt imposed by the victorious allies. This time, the allies forgave the debt of Germany and peace and prosperity followed for the German people. It seems this lesson has been long forgotten by Germany and the bankers of the European Union as they rush to put the crushing debt on the Greek nation.
Now the German banks are faced with a great opportunity,the chance to write a great wrong. Let us not forget that during World War II Germany invaded Greece and committed heinous acts of violence against the Greek people, killing whole villages of men,woman,and children. Thousands of innocent civilians died in retribution for resisting the Nazis in the cause of their national defense. The slaughter of civilians as well as the many deaths of the brave soldiers; Greek, English and Australian, brought heroic suffering and bravery as they defended Greece and the island of Crete. Among those brave soldiers who gave their lives for Greece was my grandfather,Col.Theodore Stratoudaki, who was killed in the Battle of Crete, leaving my fifteen-year-old mother and her nine-year-old sister to fend for themselves until there uncles could rescue them.
It is not my intention to reopen old wounds, but it does impossible for the survivors to forget the cruelty and the suffering they endured at the hands of the Nazi Reich. Now that Germany has moved on to become a prosperous industrialized nation, would it not be right and just for them to replay the Greek people for the suffering they caused? If modern Germany should not be held accountable for the Sins of their fathers, why should the Greeks be held responsible for the Sins of their “political ” leaders?
If “Brotherhood” and “prosperity”are truly the desire of the European Union,then here is the golden opportunity for Germany to make things right with Greece! Germany could easily forgive the debt of the Greek government and help them restructure their financial future if they are willing to do so.If they are truly seeking a prosperous United Europe, then why ignore this great opportunity? There may never be another chance for true united brotherhood and prosperity for all of Europe. Would not be the right and proper thing for the German people vote to forgive The debt of the Greek Government and wipe this dark cloud from their past? True forgiveness and reconciliation starts with action, and actions speak louder than words. As the Golden Rule says; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”
This would be a sure way to prevent a Grexit.

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