”Harvest is passed; summer is ended; and we are still not saved”

Jeremiah 8:20 reads:”The Harvest is passed; Summer is Ended; and WE Are STILL NOT SAVED”; one of the most sobering passages of the Bible. God’s people cry out to Him and seek consolation, yet the Lord can only reply; “Is there no balm in Gilad to heal? Is there no surgeon there? Why has not the child of my people gone there?”
We in America have been so blessed, and yet we find ourselves in the same situation as the people of Jeremiah’s time; “Instead of my joy comes anguish,- affliction comes to my heart! It is the sound of the wail of the child of my People from a distant land! “Is there no God in Zion? Is there no king in her?” Why did they provoke Him with their Idols? With foreign vanities?” Jeremiah 8:18-19.
America is sitting idly by while countless Christians and innocent people are being slaughtered in the Middle East by blood-thirsty fanatics! Where is the public outcry to use our mighty army to save the helpless and “Those condemned to die?”(see Pslm -102)
Today we await word of the fate of the Kurdish people in Syria who are surrounded by the murderous forces of ISIS while the Turkish army sits and watches across their border? The southern border of the USA is being over-run with thousands of illegal immigrants every day but Turkey will not rescues 800 Kurds from certain death?
Is this the “New World Order” that the politicians have been calling for? What has happened to the America of our fathers? The America that saved the world from Nazi tyranny? Have we so quickly lost the “Faith of our fathers?” To our shame,sorry to say but the answer is :’YES!”
This past Saturday I was given the opportunity to meet former First Lady Rosalynn Carter at a gathering here in Georgia.I asked her why the western news media is so silent regarding the massacre of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East?Her response shocked me to the core; “I don’t know, but Israel is doing the Same thing!?” she said and turned away.This is the reply of a (supposedly) Christian world leader? Since when did Israel start beheading it’s enemies? No wonder America is in such bad shape if these are the anti-biblical views of the “Moderates”.
Back to Jeremiah 9- “Who will give me a lodge in the desert afar, that I may leave my people and go from them! For all are adulterers, secret traitors. They direct their tongue, like a bow, to lies,- and not to truth.” “They proceed from wrong to wrong, and they regard me not!”says the Ever-Living.” You dwell in the midst of treason; – From treason they refuse to recognize Me,” says the Ever-Living.
There is a Balm in Gilad for our healing; His name is Jesus and he is God’s only Begotten Son; the Savior of The World. Put your trust in Him and you will be SAVED!
Amen and Amen —- God HELP US!

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