“I ME MINE” Beatles VS.”I AM” – My Personal Battle With Rock MUSIC

I was exactly where I was supposed to be, in the center of God’s will, but I didn’t know it. Rock and Roll music was putting up a battle for my life, and if I was given the chance, I would have given up.In 1969 at the age of 17 my life was heading downhill fast. I loved the music of the Beatles and was inducted into “the Fellowship of The Heads” by smoking marijuana and listening to their records.Thanks to Jesus, He did not give up on me. He touched me, and made me His son.
Growing up in Macon Georgia in the 1960’s was an experience I would not trade for anything. My father was a WWII pilot and successful aviation executive; my mother a native-born Greek beauty who survived the Nazi invasion of her island and after that the Greek Civil war. My father met her in Greece after the war’s end and brought her back to the USA for Christmas 1949 in New York City. My sister was born there ten months later and then after a year my dad’s work took them down to Texas where I was born.
Fast forward to 1963 and Beatle-mania was sweeping the country, including the deep south in Macon Georgia where our little family migrated a couple of years earlier to be close to my uncle and Grandmother who lived there.It was a completely different life from anything I had previously experienced.Racial segregation was in full force, and the public schools were even divided to separate the boys and girls. Fortunately for mesa new private school was opening up and I was admitted in the inaugural class.Life was good. Dad was making money, we had a nice home and my sister and I were spoiled rotten with everything money could buy.For my seventeenth birthday I was even given my own Piper Cherokee 160 aircraft to “encourage and develop my flying skills”.It was in this luxury private aircraft that I piloted myself to Sewanee Tennessee to arrive for my move-in to the dorm and settle in for my first year of college.Little did I know that my dream-life was about to start a downward spiral, which would almost be fatal.

Jesus said:” For What Shall It Profit a Man, if He Shall Gain the Whole World, and Lose His Own Soul?”: Mark 8:36

My dorm was composed of suites where there were two bedrooms shared by two beds each with a study room linking in the middle with four desks.It was two of these new roommates that soon introduced me to marijuana. I “turned on” and took to it like “a bird to the wind.” To me, I thought I had discovered the secret of life, and I began a routine of smoking dope and listening to my new friends copious vinyl record collections day and night.Classes began and in my “new” condition, I scarcely paid attention to any of those dull “mandatory classes”.Soon I would find out that my failing grades would do nothing but earn me a rifle and a one-way ticket to Vietnam to join the many other young men there who were dyeing for their country. Thousands of them, and my terrified parents were not at all happy about the prospect of me joining them. Rock music was my new favorite friend and I began to want to “live the “60’s hippie”lifestyle” that my new music heroes were living, at any cost. I was to find out that the cost would be high! (To be continued in Part II)

Note to Readers:
Today we observe what would have been the 73rd birthday of George Harrison, the “Quiet Beatle”. It is often said that he was the “Spiritual Beatle”however, the type of spirit George followed does not agree with the Bible.

According to Jesus: “I AM the way and the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by me” John 14:6.

Only Jesus, “the Great I AM” can save our soul and give us eternal life.It took me 31 years to find out the truth! Believe on Him, the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved too! (John 3:16)

P.S. You can see me minister on Waikiki Beach on Sundays at: WWW.Facebook.com/Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy.

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