JFK – TRUMP CONNECTION: Reincarnation or Destiny Fulfilled? “DRAIN THE SWAMP” AT LAST? King Cyrus Returns?

Today marks the 53rd anniversary of the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas Texas.Let me say here at the beginning that I do not believe in reincarnation, but it makes a great headline! The Democrats will never stand for Trump to be compared to JFK, but the inescapable truth is, President-Elect Trump is more of an old-style Democrat, like Kennedy than he is a Republican. Mr. Trump does bear many “Kennedy-Like” traits that need mentioning.Both men are bright,energetic,charismatic and good looking. Also they are very rich, from good families and loved beautiful women. Since I am old enough to remember the Kennedy-Camelot Era-(I was actually at his inauguration) please allow me to say that the destiny President Kennedy was robbed of by the killers in Dallas on that day in November has been reclaimed by Donald J. Trump. Will we see the repeal of the Federal Reserve? The return to the Gold Standard? The return of the balanced budget?
President Kennedy was the original; “Drain the Swamp” guy as he worked to return America to it’s constitutional mandate by the Treasury Department issuing our money; not the Federal Reserve! All plans were scrapped the day Kennedy was shot, and Johnson became the President.All plans to shut down the Federal Reserve were abandoned, and “the Great Society” plans of the Democratic Party were launched instead.The Democratic (Demoniatic) Party took a hard left turn to declare a “War on Poverty” and to begin the massive government welfare programs that have all but destroyed the Black families in America.The goal is to start an ‘Un-Civil War” between the races and usher in a One-World Government to America. This move is masquerading under the name ‘Globalism” which is nothing but a resurrected form of Marxist-Communism.
Enter Donald J.Trump! Hailed as the “New King Cyrus” of the bible (Isaiah 44:28-45:1-4), who captured Babylon and eventually freed the Jewish people to return home to Jerusalem.What we don’t remember is that Cyrus took the city of Babylon by “Draining the Swamp”–which is to say, he diverted the flow of the Euphrates River from the city and his army was able to pass UNDER the walls of Babylon and Capture the city in one night!(Daniel chapter 5).Cyrus was named by God in the scriptures 150 years before he was born, as the pagan king who would become the “Servant of the Most High God!” Yes, this King would be used by God to save his people! Welcome Donald Trump; with your golden palace of the Trump Tower! Your home is so beautiful that it is a “Come down” to move to the White House.Your beautiful wife and young son choose to remain in your “Palace” than to live in “Public Housing” in D.C.
Drain The Swamp President Trump! Go for it! Be another Cyrus and fulfill your destiny and that of JFK as you Make America Great Again!Psalm 112 says: “Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his commandments. His seed shall be mighty upon earth:the generation of the upright shall be blessed.” Amen and Amen

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