July 4th tribute to a great American: General l. Robert Scott Jr.

Whenever I visit Macon Georgia, It is impossible for me to not think back almost thirty years ago to the time I first met him. It was summer time and very hot in Macon.July I think. My introduction had been arranged by my good friend Henry Lowe who is deeply involved in the Macon aviation community.That day General Scott had been “Booked” for a guest appearance on WVFJ- Christian radio station. The program was called “Mid Day With Melissa” and was very popular. My assignment was to pick up “Scotty”, as he was often called, and drive him the 90 or so miles to the radio station “Studio”. (I never called him Scotty as I thought it too presumptuous) Little did I know that this day would profoundly impact the rest of my life.
It sounds a bit like I am setting up a story about an alien abduction; instead I was in for a “Close encounter of the 3rd Kind ” with a storehouse of living history.My mind was not prepared for the “Tsunami” of inspiration that was to come that day. Not only was I spending the day with one of the greatest fighter pilots of all time; My car was to become rolling classroom for the “Theater of the Imagination”.It became our “Flying Carpet”. Transporting us to distant ports of call; long shrouded in the mists of time.
It didn’t take long before General Scott settled in to his seat next to me and began to recite story after story in that beautiful “Southern baritone” voice of his.The voice alone could mesmerize you, and I couldn’t get enough of it! As we rolled down the black-top highway lined with thick pine forrest, my guest warmed himself up with an introductory story about his boyhood summer visits to his Grandfather’s farm in “the country”. The Grandfather was a contemporary of Abraham Lincoln, and fought in the Civil War! (War Between the States we call it down south).Since General Scott himself was born in 1908 – we are talking lots of years back!
During the interview, the inevitable question came up; “Why did you call your book: God Is My Copilot? “Shouldn’t the supreme ruler of the universe be your Captain?” Scotty loved this question, and for the 100,000 time he launched in to his story of visiting with a Catholic Sister who had come to the airfield one day to meet him. Scotty said that he called for a ladder to be brought to the side of his little P-40 fighter plane and helped the sister to climb up and look into the cockpit. “You see inside there Sister?; There is only one seat!”.”That is why I say God is my Copilot. Not out of disrespect but necessity!” This story would usually satisfy all the questions. There was ,however, another reason for the title of the book which has a deeper meaning. Please allow me to relate that story to you, dear reader;( TO be Continued)

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