May 1941- Battle of Crete

May 1941- battle of Crete

Mama said we should never neglect to remember old friends and pay proper

respect. “do the right thing she’d gravely reply;

For sleeping we go – unprepared we must


Eternity beckons, her strong hands we’ll

Grasp; the cold clay as our blanket, ageless

Moonlight rolls past.

Psiloritis’ slopes filled by the faithful and

Few, who dared fight for freedom in all

They would do.

The stones o’rgrown with the shadows of

Past, loves’ passionate days now shattered,


Pay proper respect to this marvelous crew;

Their gentle tears cover these hills like

The dew.

Remember my son for the worthy and few;

Respect the brave cretans to whom it is


Theodore white -honolulu 2019

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