My All-Time Favorite Christian Books- (After The Bible)

Who cares? Perhaps no one, but since I am writing a blog-page please allow me to indulge myself.
This past month has been most difficult as I have experienced a “health-scare” or better titled-a”Wake-up call” of monumental proportions.Although I remain in somewhat “good” health, I have become acutely aware of changes I need to make and also have come face-to-face with the prospect of my own mortality. To this end I would like to share the “Top Five” books that have enriched my life as well as to help shape my outlook on life. Of course, all these books come second to the Bible as there is nothing more important than the inspired “WORD of GOD”-THE BIBLE. My favorite versions are; THE HOLY BIBLE IN MODERN ENGLISH- translated from the original tongues by Ferrar Fenton; The Authorized King James version; and the American Standard version.
If you are still reading– here are my “TOP FIVE” Christian Books:
My Utmost For HIS Highest- Oswald Chambers
See You AT THE TOP- Zig Zigglar
Reese Howells;Intercessor- Norman Grubb
The Wigglesworth Standard- Peter J. Madden

My sincere wish is that the growing Christian might find some inspiration and revelation from these books. More on this in my next writing- Aloha, and may God grant you His grace and peace!


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