News report direct from israel– six hour cease fire today!

Dear Reader: Because of a personal connection in Israel I am able to bring you the straight unbiased truth regarding the happenings there:
Today a six our cease fire has been agreed to by Hamas-Israel for the purposes of Humanitarian relief supplies to be provided to Gaza by the Israeli government.Sick and injured Palestinians will be taken to hospitals in Tel-aviv and water,medical and food supplies will be provided to the Gaza residents. Not only will Israel do this humanitarian relief, but they have agreed to rebuild the Gaza electrical supply which has been knocked out during the fighting! What other nation ever does this for their enemies?
A brief respite is welcomed by the people of Israel while they have a few hours to enjoy peace as Hamas has agreed to stop firing their missiles at the innocent civilians of Israel.
It is a little known fact that Israel regularly send supplies of food, medicine and water to Gaza! They take the sick for free treatment in Jewish hospitals and return them to Gaza.
WE pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for the soon return of the True Messiah– Jesus Christ! Maranatha!

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