PSALM 109 – Trump’s DESTINY- Ordained as President of USA!

Dear Reader:
These past months we have seen many strange happenings as the twists and turns of political winds have guided Donald Trumps path to the White House.There were times when it seemed that it was not going to happen. Throughout all this, the Lord has had his hand on this man, and a destiny to be obtained.
One morning while reading my devotions I saw a particular passage in one of David’s Psalms that jumped out at me: “My God! When I pray be not silent; Against me the wicked and bad open mouth, With false tongue about me they speak, and with venomous words they surround, and assail me without any cause!” Psalm 109:1-3. These were the words of King David,prayed over 3,000 years ago yet, they could well fit to the prayers of Donald J. trump today! Let us continue;”In return for my love, they revile,-And yet I had pleaded for them! They returned me evil for good, and hatred instead of my love. Let sin have the mastery of them, and Satan stand at their right hand.In judgment be found in the wrong, and their plea be considered a crime.Let their days be but few; GIVE THEIR OFFICE TO OTHERS—–“Pslm. 109:4-8.The shocking truth is that the Lord did take him and give to Trump the OFFICE that was all but certain to go to his opposing candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election!This could be the prayer not only of King David but also of President Trump!
Clearly this Psalm is a prophetic word for the destiny of Donald J. Trump to become President of the United States of America! That destiny was fulfilled today, as President trump took over the office of the President.
King David cries out sharing his most private thoughts with the Lord Almighty. To express his weakness and fears was not something that a King would readily do, but a profound example is here made of the necessity for prayer and the reliance on strength from God above in the very core of the heart of the nations’leader.Let us never feel that we can not come to God in prayer to share with him our deepest feelings in truth and humility.The New Testament says;”In our weakness He is made strong!”
Let us conclude this prayer of prophetic destiny with David’s closing words:”I will thank the Lord much with my mouth in the midst of the crowd I will praise, For He stands at the hand of the poor, To save from the Judges his life.” Pslm. 109:30-31.
Mr. Trump cares for the poor and he loves the Lord, just as King David. Let us pray that in the end, the Lord will say as He did of King David; “Donald Trump is a Man After My Own HEART”. Amen and Amen

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