May I ask you to help me with something that could relieve much suffering world wide? Here is an idea that may be the solution to our “Immigration Crisis”. Greece has been “Hosting” thousands of refugees in Athens and on many of their islands for years now and they have no money to support them.The U.N. and the E.U. do not help them financially at all. Why don’t we make an agreement with Greece (Italy, Spain, Portugal,Sweden) and other Christian nations in Europe, to take some of the vetted refugees to America and to supply financial aid to help care for the rest. We could make friends and be “Humanitarian” at the same time. These nations would also have room to take in new refugees from Syria. We would not have to take any Syrian refugees directly into our country, but could still help out this way. Makes sense to me, how about you? If so, would you help by passing this along to your friends,family,Congress-members,and President Trump. Time is of the essence! —SOMEONE I PERSONALLY KNOW AND IS A WORTHY MINISTRY ORGANIZATION IN GREECE.Please consider sending financial donations to them,they work with all kinds of people from all kinds of religious backgrounds in need in Greece, Africa and elsewhere and are fertile ground for your seed.
My family comes from Greece and I have had the privilege of ministering there at several Churches in Athens and on the Island of Crete.The Greeks are very loving people, but they have been devastated by the collapse of their economy and now over-run with a massive influx of immigrants and refugees from the African and Middle Eastern countries.There is no food, no money, and no jobs at present in Greece, and none to come in the near future.There is a lot of suffering there by everyone. We as Christians are called to help alleviate suffering wherever we can. President Trump could do much to help them by starting to send money to Greece and taking in some of the refugees themselves.We can all do our part to solve this refugee-immigration crises, not only in Greece, but throughout Europe as well. Please help by spreading the word. Maranatha- Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

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