The Calliope Crashed to The Ground; Post Election Syndrome

Dear Reader: Please allow me to comment just a little on the past 2016 election, which is probably over (I hope),and we can all breath a collective sigh of relief to have been spared from Babylon II, and go back home.Not wishing to be too preachy, all I want to point out is that the political “machine” of the New World Order has crashed and burned, that is to say, the “Cabal Calliope” has fallen. We can only hope and pray that it does not rise again from it’s own ashes, like some seven-headed Hydra-Phoenix, coming back with a vengeance.Have we traded one Egyptian task master for another?Only time will tell.
The rise of the Independent Media has been celebrated as the “Populist” movement finds a champion and has taken to the streets with “pitchforks and torches”to kick out the bad guys in Washington D.C. and to “Drain the Swamp”.What could be better? A new President,Congress,Senate, and a dream-team cabinet of “serious” people.The only problem is that “Rome” is still there and very much in power.By that I mean the Jesuit controlled Roman Catholic Church with all it’s tentacles wrapped securely around the necks of our government leaders.The Babylonian-Roman church system is still very much in power, as witnessed by the display at the AL Smith Dinner in New York City where Trump and Hillary duly “presented” themselves to Cardinal Dolan the night after the third Presidential Debate.How strange it seemed to watch these two sitting on each side of a man representing the Vatican, a mega-wealthy indiependant nation, and making jest of themselves and bringing “tribute” in the form of six million dollars raised for Catholic “Charity”, as if he was their Master. Could it be that he is? The Jesuit “Pope” seems to have admirers that we are only now becoming aware of.Does he also support “Pay for Play?”
Getting back to my original thesis, “The Calliope has Crashed to the Ground”, that is to say , the “Clinton Cabal Crime Family Pay-For-Play Money Machine” has crashed, at least temporarily. With a trail of innumerable scandals behind her the “machine” has retreated to the woods of Chappaqua, to perform necessary repairs and overhaul it’s engines.Is a new scheme in the works? Electoral College bribery? Vote recount on a massive scale? Re-up for another run in 2020? Who can say?
I believe that the LORD has had a hand in this process,and has actually called Donald Trump to be our next President.Much has been made about Trump being a type of King Cyrus, who was called by name 150 years before he was born in there Holy Scriptures (Isaiah 44:1).This King was a man who became righteous before God and who was used by God to free the people of Israel and restore the walls of Jerusalem (Build the wall).Cyrus was the pagan king who captured Babylon in one night by diverting / draining the Euphrates River, thus rendering the walls of defense useless by passing under them in the dry riverbed (drained the Swamp). Looking at Psalm 109:8 we see David praying for protection against his enemies; “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” The Lord has graciously allowed us a little more time to repent; Nineveh-Style (Jonah Chapter 3), and to return our nation to it’s Judeo-Christian roots. WE may have only this one last chance and should not waste it.
Moving on to Jesus’ time, we see in Luke 16 The Parable of the “Steward of the Unrighteous Mammon”. The Steward embarks on a scheme to ingratiate himself to his bosses’ debtors by using his office to do them favors. This “Pay-For-Play” sound familiar, does it not? It appears that Hillary was not he first one to do such a thing. Although I believe that Jesus is most certainly referring to the Pharisee Priests and indicting them and the “religious” system of the time in Israel. The corrupt system of the priesthood “assuming” the power to speak for God and to decide who was righteous before God was abomination to Jesus, and the priests knew it. If the priest could make a profit by using religion as a weapon of control over their own people,the potential of “Pay-For-Play” was unlimited!They chose to execute the Messiah rather than give up their power(and resulting profit) over the people.
If we fast-forward to today’s Catholic Church and the hierarchy of the Priesthood over the people, we see that not much has changed in the 500 years since Martin Luther began his attempt at reforming the Catholic Church and the Papacy.That brings us to the next topic of our discussion; The Reformation.
(To be Continued in Part II- Trump the Reformer.)

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