Dear Reader; Please allow me to wade into deep water, without a paddle or life vest! If the Steward in the Luke 16 parable is unjust, then his master is unjust,crafty and diabolical and all his dealings with his fellow men are dishonest.Who could this be that Jesus is alluding and by doing so, offended the Pharisees ? Certainly he could not be speaking of the “Ever Living” Father? Let’s look at the footnotes from the Zodhiates Bible from AMG Publishers;
“To understand this parable, two words must be comprehended. The word “dieblethe” in v.1, translated as “reported,” should actually be translated “falsely accused.” It is derived from “diaballo” from which the word diabolos, “devil”, is derived. The devil’s accusations are always false. The unjust person in this parable is not the business manager, but the rich employer who dismissed his business manager on hearsay and false accusation.” This gives us a clue as to whois the “Boss” of this story. But, before we get too much deeper, let’s look at the word “diabolos” from the “Greek mind” perspective.
The word “diabolos” has to root words; “Dia”, meaning “two”; and “bolos”, which is a “port” or “entry point”.”Bolos” can also mean road, or path. Therefore; diabolos can be interpreted as “Cut the road in Half”; or “dual paths” or even; “two ports” or “two entry points”; i.e.. “Doors”. Can we start to see that the devil is the one who offers a second “path” to obtain the things you desire,or even a “second path” to “Heaven”. Constantly he is presenting an attack on God’s word as he told Eve in the garden ; “Surely you will not die, but you shall become as God, obtaining the knowledge of good and evil.” Always offering a “second way” to riches,knowledge,sex, and power. Never following God’s path, but instead, presenting his own perverse pathway, which Jesus told us only leads to death.The devil is a “cheater” and all who follow him (his children) are cheaters. As we see in the parable; the steward ends up cheating the ‘Master”, the “Master” has cheated the buyers by selling them more than they can pay, and the buyers are more than happy too join in the stewards’ plan to cheat the “Boss.” Everyone is cheating everyone else, and in the end, the “Boss” praises the cheating steward for being so “Shrewd.” What a story! And on top of it all, the Pharisee Priests who are eavesdropping take great offense at Jesus story because they realize that he is talking about them!Why would a story about a cheating businessman offend the Temple Priests? Perhaps it has something to do with Zakariah 14:21; “And in that period there will be no more trading in the House of the Ever Living.”
It appears to be very clear that Jesus is speaking against cheating businessmen, but more than that, he is outraged that “His Father’s House ” has been turned into a “den of thieves” as He called it. More on that to come.

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