Dear Reader:The “Woman at the Well” discourse between the LORD and the Samaritan woman is so full of meaning and truth it is hardly something that I am able to cover in this short article. What I would like to focus on is a revelation gained recently while reading my bible translation by Ferrar Fenton. This brilliant linguist undertook the task to make a new translation of the Bible into the modern English language (1850) and to render a more clear understanding of the scriptures.This task was completed in 1902, and to my great delight,came into my possession only two years ago.
In John 4:26 Jesus reveals a herefore unmentioned name for his divine personhood. When told that: “One day Messias will come”, Jesus replied to the woman; “I AM, HE WHO SPEAKS TO YOU”.John 4:26.
If I may, I would like to suggest that inside the phrase that is translated in the King James; “I that speak unto thee am HE” is actually hidden two names for the eternal Godhead. The true meaning appears in Mr. Fenton’s translation where the Lord refers to himself as both the “I AM” and as “He Who Speaks To You”. We should be very familiar with the title “I AM” as the Lord has used that name for himself since His first speaking encounter with Moses at the burning bush back in Genesis.
The other name, : “HE WHO SPEAKS TO YOU” is new to me, and I find it most comforting that the divine God of the Universe is willing to speak to me!He actually uses that name as a title for himself!
Today, in our busy lives we may find it difficult to get quiet and listen to the voice of the Lord, but as I have stated, Jesus calls himself “HE WHO SPEAKS TO YOU”, and thereby promises to give us answers and direction IF WE WILL LISTEN and OBEY.
“My sheep hear My voice and I know them, and they follow Me.” Jhn 10:27. Are you one of His sheep? Do you hear his voice? If not, ask him into your life and to forgive your sins. If you Ask him, He will give you “Living Water” and eternal life! AMEN

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