Why I Believe In The Rapture Of The Church- Part 1

Today we are faced with unprecedented dangers word-wide. As a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I find that every day the world becomes a darker place, and that Christians are becoming less welcome here in America. It is becoming more and more apparent that we are not welcome here, or anywhere else for that matter! As time races onward we see that persecution of the Church has spread across the Middle East and that followers of Jesus are being forced to convert to Islam or die.
May I remind you that not many years ago the manufacturers of the best telescopic military rifle scope were forced to stop inscribing their corporate “Bible verse” on their product because our military did not want to give the impression that our war in Iraq was of a “Religious” nature. It seems that someone needs to remind “ISIS” of our noble gesture because they seem to have forgotten this point.
Back to the subject of the “Rapture”, I must confess that it has been a problem for me for most of my Christian adult life, because it seems too hard to imagine that God would take away His whole body of believers in one “Twinkling of an eye”. Only recently have I been able to settle this question in my heart, and I am happy to sat that I now fully believe in the imminent “Harpaso” or “snatching away” of the Church. What has led me to this position in my personal dogma of faith? I’m glad you asked that question.Let me explain;
As a newly “Born Again” Christian back in 1982 I was greatly excited at the prospect of evangelizing the whole planet and thought that certainly the whole world must be waiting to embrace the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” and the message of God’s Love and forgiveness.These 30-odd years later I have become to realize that this is not happening. Although there are many people coming to Christ all across the planet, it seems that America is more hostile than ever against the Cross and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This hostility has not deterred me from my ministry work for the Lord, but has in fact, left me with a feeling of despair over the future. The more I read about the condition of our nation and our planet and their turning away from the Living God, the more discouraged I get. But the truth is, if one is able to place his hopes for the future fully in the hands of a sovereign God, why not believe that he is capable of rescuing his “Children” when the proper time comes? The more I have come to believe that this is not only possible but that it will happen makes perfect sense to me. It also is something from which I can draw great solace. I will explain why in the next presentation. Thank you for reading!

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