Donald J. Trump recently returned from his mission to Japan and the G 20 Summit where no doubt he was manifesting his unusual style of  diplomacy where he featured his daughter Ivanka as his “Chief Advisor” and she bullied her way into the delegates inner circle chats with the brashness of her father. The consensus was that Ivanka was pretending to be the “First Lady” but was considered a party crasher and was most unwelcome. No doubt Jared was there as he returned from his Bahrain Blunder as he attempted to bribe the Palestinians to come to the “Peace Table”. As a result of their meddling in the affairs of Israel and their attempt to divide Jerusalem we see Hurricane Barry bombarding the New Orleans coastline and the Mississippi River banks already past flood stage from nine months of torrential rains. Every time Presidents try to force Israel to give up “land for peace” America gets hit by a catastrophic weather event.

After returning home to America President Trump hosted an “Environmental Summit” where he boasted that “we will have clear air and crystal clean water to drink here at home”. Unfortunately that seems to include drinking recycled sewage water here in Honolulu, and the coming onslaught of the deadly 5G network in 2020. Trump has proudly signed his full support for 5G stating that wed are in a “Race to 5G against China”. Unfortunately , showman-salesman Trump does not seem to care that there has been no health-safety research on this horrific “Military Weapon Grade” microwave system that is soon to take over our lives , exposing us to a continuous barrage of microwaves equivalent to ” spending 24/7 in an AirPort  body scanner”.There will be no escape from this Orwellian network of towers and transmitters every 200 feet outside your window . All this is for “Modernization” we are told , so we can have smart meters reporting our power usage to the “A.O.C.-GREEN POLICE”. We must save the world your know, and somehow 5G and driverless cars are necessary for that.

Mr. Trump talks a good game, but his actions are far short of his promises.Like any salesman it is what he does not say that is in the “fine print”. Broad promises and few details with no follow up is his trademark. It’s not that I am against him, I just don’t like the ‘HYPE”.

Trump reminds me of the fighting bull in Spain. When the show starts and the bull enters the arena he is fearless; strong and brave. After charging at the matador for half an hour, he starts to slow down, and in the end; when he is exhausted by trying to gore the matador and only hitting the cape, the “Moment of Truth Arrives”, when he either zeros in on  the Matador and gets him, or the Matador fulfills his purpose by plunging a sword into his heart. It’s “Kill or be Killed” with Trump albeit Pelosi and the Democrat enemies in Congress and the Press seem to know how to elude his charge. Let us pray that Trump will “Wise UP” between now and the 2020 elections.

Donald Trump and his “Insult Diplomacy” sometimes works, but often times he has to fall on  his own sword. Would Don Rickles approve? We will have to wait and see.

——    DTW

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