Dear Reader: This is not my normal type of subject to address, but after watching GLENN BECK do a splendid expose’ of the BIDEN OLIGARCHY – UKRAINE “STORY” the question begs to be asked; “WAS Jeffrey Epstein involved with the Biden Family in Ukraine, and if so, WHY HAS NO ONE LOOKED INTO IT?”We now know that Joe Biden was the “Point Man ”  for the Obama administration from 2014-2016 in all Ukraine which gave him basically unlimited power over all the governmental affairs and the corrupt Ukraine Gas Co. BURISMA.  Joe used that power to the max as he and Obama transformed the country into something resembling  a “GODFATHER MOVIE!”(see Glenn Becks Chalkboard talk).

Please allow me to explain why I think there was possible sex-trade business going on as well as big-time graft and corruption ; to the tune of over seven  Billion Dollars of U.S. money!

Years ago I used to fly airplanes and worked with a man who was happily married to a woman from Ukraine. One day in conversation he told me that he had been single for a long time and decided to find a wife. After much research he found that Ukraine supposedly had the most beautiful girls in the world and that “Batchelor TOURS” for single men were available for a price. All visas, accommodations , transport and housing could be arranged for the purpose of meeting single women of marriageable age. He signed up for one of them, went over , met a lovely lady whom he married some months later, and brought her back to the U.S. I’m supposing they are still happily married and I am happy for them, but one has to ask; what else goes on involving these beautiful young girls in Ukraine? Why was Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Chris Heinz so willing to be involved with  corrupt Burisma Gas Company in a corrupt foreign country (besides money) where so many beautiful women were available? How about Tony Podesta and the multitude of other American “Consultants” there as well?

Enter Jeff Epstein in this mix and one can see that he would be a perfect fit. We have all recently learned the nature of his “Business” was sex trafficking (aka White Slaving) and that he had three jet aircraft at his disposal for transporting “Cargo” and “Customers” worldwide. Along with Epstein’s many connections with the Democratic Party, he owned properties around the world and traveled a great deal outside the U.S. Would he not be interested in the Ukraine and all the money being thrown around by V.P. Joe Biden from the U.S. Treasury?

It appears that a real investigation is in order, not just about the seven BILLION DOLLARS of missing foreign aid money, but to whom  went to and why? President Trump is duty-bound to track down corruption and bring to account ANYONE who misuses public money or office.


Joe Biden Had Absolute Power in the Ukraine in 2015! We need to know what he did with it.

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  1. Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out some additional information.

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