John Bolton’s Firing “Backfires” on D J Trump!

Dear Reader: Headlines covered the nation this weekend heralding a “NEW ERA” with lesser tensions due to the removal of alleged “WAR MONGER” John Bolton as N.S.A. Tucker Carlson, someone I used to respect, crowed “The World Will Breathe a Little Easier” now that Bolton is gone from the White House. Barely 24 hours later we are hearing that Iranian Drones had attacked and disabled 50% of Saudi Arabias’ oil fields! Good Going Boys!  It appears that everyone was “breathing easy “enough to attack our major ally pushing the world closer to WAR!

Mr. Bolton is an honorable man and did not deserve the treatment he received at the hands of the Trump family. No doubt “JAVANKA” was behind the firing. They want to push Benjamin Netanyahu out so they can get a “left Wing” Israeli P.M. to sign their ILL FATED Palestinian Land Grab.

The Bible makes it clear that YAH will doom any effort to divide HIS land. Wonder if Trump thinks he can fire HIM too?

This Tuesday marks the most significant election in modern Israel history. Please pray for BIBI and his government to stay in and say” NO” to JAVANKA’S DOOMED “Peace Plan” for Israel.

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