The only things missing from the June 25, 2019  confab in Manama Bahrain bringing “Peace and Prosperity” to the Palestinian-Israeli people was most noticeably the absence of any Palestinian people, the smell of Cannabis smoke in the air and perhaps Beyonce singing a rousing rendition of the John Lennon anthem; IMAGINE. —“Imagine there’s no Heaven, it’s easy if you try! No Hell below us; above us only sky! imagine all the people, living in harmony–AH ha ha! You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one! One day you will join us, and the world will live as one” (Bring out the flowers and love beads kids! Its’ Back to the 60’s and give peace a chance!)

Tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife as Jared Kushner finally rolls out the first phase of his Father-in-Laws’ long awaited “Deal of the Century” on the island nation of Bahrain. All the marbles are on this one as a hush comes over the crowded room of dignitaries; Kings, Princes, Sheiks. The announcer proudly proclaims:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Senior Advisor to the President of the United States– Jared Kushner!” (whom out of respect we will call: “The Jared.”)

Wow! what an entrance as the dashing figure of the “Next Nobel Peace Prize Winner” bounds on to the Star-Treck- like stage. It’s here at last!  Is it really him? The “anointed one” bringing all the “goodies” for a lasting peace in the Middle East! Never mind his androgynous – Pee Wee Herman-Latka-like appearance! This man is serious! What will he sound like? Gandhi, Churchill, Stallone? (My money is on Latka Gravas-“THANK YOU VERY MUCH”; the Foreign Man on SNL.) We hold our collective breaths as the first publicly spoken words of this great man are about to be uttered. “Javanka” (the male counterpart to his his wife Ivanka) is about to speak! Out comes a disappointingly lackluster and uninspiring voice that matches exactly what he is– another totally inept stuffed suit. Competence is ignored when you are married to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of  President Donald J. Trump and heir to Kushner Inc. – the owner of #666 Fifth Ave!

The young Billionaire steps up to the microphone and within twenty-two minutes everyone present realizes that” The Jared” has reached the apex of his incompetence by proceeding to assume three thousand years of blood-fueled hatred can be erased by simply pretending that God does not exist— and that with enough money mankind can build his own paradise on earth. Who needs GOD when you have the World Bank and the IMF in your pocket? Kushner partnered with them at the May 30 secret Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland where he laid his plan at the feet of the One World Government Illuminati for their approval.

“The Jared” pushes on, unflinchingly wading deeper into the shark infested waters of the “Middle East Peace Process” and fearlessly proposing that fifty Billion dollars worth of hotels and tourist resorts are just the thing to cure what ails everyone in the Middle East. Kushner proceeds to drone on about economic opportunity and security  until it is clear that he is totally in over his head and grasping for straws by pandering to the Palestinian “exceptionally high literacy rate”.

You could almost hear the sounds of swords being beaten into plowshares (or vice-versa) as Kushner blathered on for twenty-two minutes accompanied by power point graphics and his unique sense of humor as he had to remind us that “In his previous life as real estate developer he gained deep insights for diplomacy prior to entering his current position in government.”  Wow! That’s some credentials for you!

At the end of this sophomoric display of naiveté we are all left to gasp in awe at the incredulous idea that this man actually believes this plan will work? By what miracle did the host-countries’ participants not burst out laughing at the end of the narcissistic rant complete with full color power point slides and graphs about Gaza GDP?

Alas, all good things must come to an end and so it was that the days proceedings concluded  by “The Jared” taking umbrage to his plan being called merely “Deal of the Century” when according to him, it should be actually called the “Opportunity of the Century”.  Undoubtably true,  if  The Jared is looking for a way to cement his own doom and that of his Father-In-Law and destroy their future in world politics.

Tomorrow is day two and mercifully the last day of this American humiliation. Then we will be left on the edge of our seats for  the November release of “PHASE TWO”; at which no doubt , “The Jared” will propose to divide Jerusalem to the new Israeli government once Bibi is moved out of office. Netanyahu is the last obstacle to their scheme to divide Israel and Jerusalem. They know he most certainly will fight them . Kushner can then possibly install himself as the ” 666″ Anti-Christ? Ha – Ha ;—– Just kidding!—– Imagine!

The only really troublesome question is ; could this thing happen now?




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